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A Modern University in the Heart of Warsaw

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We as Polonya Kultur have recently introduce a modern University to our students .  Univeristy of Echology and Management is known one of the best school which welcomes International students from all over the world. Besides having stduents from all over the world, the school is one of the most populer destination for Polonya Kultur's stduents as well. Most of our students have decided to study both praperatory courses in English and Polish at Univeristy of Echology and Management. And the school will be final destination for those who will decide to study Architecture , Management and Logistic fields . 

The school attracs Turkish students beacuse of it's location. It is exactly located in the heart of Wasraw , Capital of Poland.  I mean you do not only study in the heart of Europe by choosing Poland but also you study in the heart of Warsaw . 

The schools accomodation facilities are one of the other reason to be choosen.  Our Operation Director Mr. Kemal FIRAT had visited the school dormitories and he was fall in love with the locations and modern furnitures.

We wish all of our students who is going to study at Univeristy of Echology and Management in 2017-2018.

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