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The Number of International students in Poland consinues to grow

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The number of international students in Poland continues to grow

Central Statistical Office: the number of international students in Poland continues to grow. Now it is 57 thousand people - about 11 thousand more than a year before.

According to the latest CSO data, more than 57,000 foreigners study in Poland; a year before it was only 46 thousand people from abroad. In one year, Poland gained 11 thousand international students. This is over 23 percent increase. Students from abroad now represent approx. 4 percent of the total number of students in our country.

The largest group of foreign students in Poland are Ukrainians (30,5 thousand), the second largest group are Belarusians (over 4.6 thousand), followed by Norwegians (1581), the Spanish (1407) and Swedes (1291). In the academic year 2014/15, over 83 percent of the total number of foreign students came to Poland from Europe. In addition, in Poland there are less than 7 thousand students from Asian, just over 1,200 from North and Central America, and slightly less than 1200 from Africa; there are also small groups of students from South America and Oceania.

PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland

Resource : Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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